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Profoto B10X Series – The Perfect System for Photo & Video


Profoto creates a lighting tool to take over both the photo and video worlds, launching the B10X and the B10X Plus today.

Profoto B10X Plus & B10X

As a professional photographer, the last thing you want to look for is self-unprofessionalism. You want things to go as smoothly and simply as possible. Like getting the right light, at the right time, time after time, glitch-free. Of course, there was a B10 Plus launched over two years ago to the rescue, but today, this new series is jaw-dropping.

This is where the new Profoto B10X and B10X Plus kicks in, to let you focus on getting the perfect shot because Profoto has taken care of the lighting science you will ever need.

The B10X series are real multi-taskers. Whether you’re shooting video or still, the B10X and B10X Plus can take it in their stride. You will carry less gear, and maximise shooting time. The B10X series are built and designed to world-class standards with the reliability you’d expect of Profoto.


Over-heating and misfiring are the things of the past with these models. You will enjoy pure lightning-fast recycling time, a supremely user-friendly interface, and an even more powerful continuous light for video and stills.

“Both models also include new and useful features,” says Goran Maren, Product Manager at Profoto. “We’ve increased the continuous light-output from 2500 lumen to 3250 lumens. That’s a 30% increase. And both B10X:s provide faster recycling speed than their predecessors.

The B10X and the B10X Plus, used in conjunction with the extensive, simple OCF light shaping system, opens up an entirely new world of exciting creative opportunities. Enabling you to shape light, and create the images and video you imagined and envisioned. Anytime, anywhere.

“Put simply,” says Goran. “That’s what every professional photographer, isn’t it?”

B10X Plus
B10X Plus
B10X Plus
B10X Plus

Let’s take a quick look at the main features of the Profoto B10X Series:-

  • Flash Max energy: 50Ws (B10X), 500 Ws (B10X Plus)
  • Flash Recycling time: 0.05-1.3s (B10X) 0.05-2.2 s (B10X Plus).
  • Battery capacity: Up to 400 full power flashes (B10X), Up to 200 full power flashes (B10X Plus).

Common features for both models:-

  • Continuous light Max output (lumens): 3250
  • Flash 10 f-stops (1.0-10)
  • Continuous light type : LED
  • Continuous light Dimming range (%): 100-10%.
  • Continuous light Color temp (K): Adjustable 3000-6500 K
  • Battery capacity: Up to 65 min full continuous light
  • Battery charges in less than 90 minutes
  • Magnum Reflector
  • TTL & HSS Compatible
  • High Speed Sync
  • Remote Control and Smart Connectivity with Profoto app
  • Built-in AirX Bluetooth sync technology.
  • Replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with high capacity.

Distributed by Srishti Digital Life Sdn Bhd, the official prices are as follow:-
901192 Profoto B10X – RM 8,699.00
901193 Profoto B10X Duo – RM 17,299.00
901194 Profoto B10X Plus – RM 9,790.00
901195 Profoto B10X Plus Duo – RM 19,290.00

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