Tuesday, October 20, 2020

All-New Canon Speedlite EL-1

Canon today announces the launch of the all-new Speedlite EL-1, a high-performance Speedlite which delivers results consistently and reliably, even in tough...

Profoto A10 – The All-New Portable Flash System

Profoto introduces its next-generation A10 compact flash. It's a more intuitive, effective and versatile than ever before.

Review – Kingston Canvas React Plus 300 MB/s SD Card

When we are considering fast SD Cards for our camera, there are just a handful of brands which popped in our minds...

Profoto Introduced the OCF II Light Shaping Tools

The OCF (Off-Camera Flash), especially the B10 series from Profoto are designed to target on-location photographers. With the introduction of OCF II,...

Review – MagBox 24″ Octa Starter kit

Today, we bring you a review of an unorthodox device and the way to transform your existing flashlight (or Speedlite) into a...

Print On-The-Go with the portable Canon Selphy Square QX10 printer

In many's mindsets, the prints don't come instant and will be the last or most probably forgotten along the photography workflow. Canon...

Review – Sony’s New Wireless Shooting Grip GP-VPT2BT

The trend of Vlogging and personal content making continue into 2020. Today, Sony launched the all-new wireless shooting grip, the GP-VPT2BT to...

Aputure MC – The light for all occasions

In film making, there will be always a small area where we need a small and versatile light to light them up...

Review – Transcend ESD250C SSD with 960GB of portable space

Having to transport important photos and videos on the go has been always an important task as a content creator, and we...

Review: BENQ SW2700PT Photographer’s Monitor

As a photographer who shoots professionally, the biggest challenge is to make sure what you see and what your client sees is...

Profoto C1 Series for Mobile Photography

There are no professional strobing system serious enough to create lights for smartphones, until today, Profoto shows the world how it is...

Review- Nikon Speedlights

Nikon Speedlights, the SB-700 and SB-5000 are two power-packed flashguns with light sources to help your shot shines, whether for environmental or...

Powerful-Small Profoto B10 Plus

The previous B10 version was already a hit among the off-camera strobe professionals, and now, a more powerful and small Profoto B10...

The new 8-Core MacBook Pro

Apple introduces first 8-core MacBook Pro, the fastest Mac notebook to date for your photo and video editing on-the-go, or even replacing your desktop.

Profoto A1X announced

An upgraded version from its predecessor, the Profoto A1X is even more powerful with faster battery recycling and Sony compatibility.

Review : Canon Speedlite 470EX-Al Flash

Smarter than the average flashgun. We've all seen flashguns with clever heads. Smart features like...