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EOS C300 Mark III Digital Cinema Camera & CN10x25 IAS Cine Lens Launched


Canon has upgraded the EOS C300 series to Mark III version – a next-generation camera with innovative DGO sensor – and a broadcast/cinema hybrid CINE-SERVO lens CN10x25 for both EF and PL mount.

While most indie-filmmakers are cosy with their full-frame cameras to shoot their films or documentaries, having to use a pro-level camera, such as the EOS C series pairing with cine lenses are always a sweet dream comes true in terms of serious filming production. Just a couple of days ago, Canon launched the EOS C300 Mark III, a new product of video production Cinema EOS System that realises a high dynamic range by adopting a newly developed Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor and supports 4K/120p high frame rate recording.

EOS C 300 Mark III

The new Mark III model is the successor to the almost five years old EOS C300 Mark II, enhancing the basic performance from the existing model, and utilises a modular design like the EOS C500 Mark II (released in December 2019). This allows users to customise the camera to their shooting environment, catering to a large variety of production scenarios.

C 300 III with EF lens

A Variety of Video Expressions for Professional Video Production
With the newly developed 4K Super 35mm CMOS Dual Gain Output sensor (DGO sensor), the C300 Mark III is able to shoot 4K/60p footage with extremely high dynamic range and low noise in DGO Mode. The Canon C300 Mark III is equipped with the DIGIC DV 7 Video processing platform, allowing it to support 4K/120p high frame rate recording. Dual Pixel CMOS AF also allows for high precision focusing accuracy, required during 4K recordings.

Excellent Versatility that can Handle a Variety of Shooting Scenarios
Like the EOS C500 Mark II, the modular design allows users to customise the camera according to their shooting environment. By attaching various accessories and extension units (sold separately), the C300 Mark III can be adapted to fit into any production scenario. Amongst these accessories are the mount kits (sold separately), which allow users to change the native EF Mount of the camera to PL or EF Cinema Lock mounts, enhancing the camera’s versatility by allowing the use of a large variety of lenses.

Two Video Formats for Recording Flexibility
With the adoption of Cinema Raw Light and XF-AVC video recording formats in the Canon C300 Mark III, users have the freedom to choose the format most suited for their productions. Cinema Raw Light emphasises on the best possible image quality with manageable data rates, while XF-AVC (Intra Frame) is ideal for broadcast content and other quick turnaround projects which require faster workflows while maintaining high image quality. Both Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC can be recorded to the onboard CFexpress Type B Cards.

Cine Lens CN10x25 IAS
S/E1 (EF mount), S/P1 (PL mount) CINE-SERVO lenses
In addition to a lightweight design that can be carried on the shoulder, a removable drive unit with the same operability as a broadcast lens is equipped as standard, in response to a wide range of needs from broadcast content production to video production.

Optical Performance Compatible with 8K Cameras
Canon’s unique optical design technology optimizes the placement of each element. Combined with Ultra low dispersion glass and a large-diameter aspherical element, colour fringing and chromatic aberration are successfully corrected in the lens. This results in optical performance compatible with 8K cameras from the center of the frame to the periphery across the entire 10x zoom range. This statement holds true even when engaging the built-in 1.5x extender, ensuring that 8K optical performance is never compromised.

10x Zoom with a Wide Focal Length
The Canon CN10x25 IAS S is compatible with industry-standard Super 35mm sized sensors, a sensor size that is extremely common in the market. It features a 10x zoom that covers a focal length of 25-250mm. When using the built in-extender, the zoom range can be switched to a more telecentric 37.5-375mm. With the built in-extender engaged, the lens’ image circle will also cover 35mm full-frame sensors, increasing the lens’ versatility and safeguarding against obsolescence as 35mm full-frame cameras become more common.

Removable Drive Unit and Various Functions Achieve Comfortable Shooting
A removable drive unit is equipped as a standard for the CN10x25 IAS S. By removing the drive unit, the lens can be used in the traditional manual operation for the cinema and video production market. In addition to this, the CN10x25 IAS S/E1 (EF mount) can be paired with a Cinema EOS system digital cinema camera to utilize Dual Pixel CMOS AF, achieving smooth AF operation and high subject tracking performance that is suitable for film and video production.

The Canon EOS C300 Mark III camera will be retailing at RM50,899 while the CN10x25 IAS S/E1 (EF mount) and the CN10x25 IAS S/P1 (PL mount) CINE-SERVO lenses will be retailing at RM165,999 each in July 2020. Contact Canon Malaysia if these are your kind of tools for filmmaking.

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