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Sony Adds Two New Super Telephoto Lenses


With the addition of the FE 600mm F4 GM OSS  and the FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS, Sony’s warehouse of “assault” weapon has grown bigger.

As these lenses are not your ordinary day-in day-out lenses, it was designed to target a specific group of photographers, namely the sports, actions or even wildlife photographers, although some are crazy enough to try portraits with it for gorgeous result. Let’s take a quick look of the lenses according to the press releases prior to the actual review.

Super-Telephoto 600mm F4 G Master

This is another impressive addition to its flagship full-frame G Master series lens line-up. So far, this is Sony’s longest reaching prime lens that includes many of the company’s most advanced optical and mechanical technologies, producing exceptional image quality with extraordinary focusing speed and precision and it is also the lightest in its class, weighing in at only approx. 3040g.

Fast, Precise and Quiet Autofocus
The new FE 600mm F4 GM OSS lens features two XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors that drive the lens’ focus group to provide fast, precise AF and reliable subject tracking.  These motors are supported by specially developed motion algorithms to minimise lag and instability, as well as to control noise levels, resulting in exceptionally quick, accurate and quiet autofocus performance, allowing the lens to capture dynamic, fast moving athletes or wildlife with ease.

Superb Image Quality and Bokeh
With a large aperture super-telephoto prime lens at F4, you are assures of an incredible level of image quality and detail, with outstanding contrast and resolution maintained all the way to the corners of the image. The unique optical design includes a large XA (extreme aspherical) and an ED (extra-low dispersion) element that effectively suppresses all common telephoto lens aberrations, plus three fluorite elements that help to minimise chromatic aberration and suppress any amount of colour bleeding.

The lens also features an 11-blade circular aperture mechanism that contributes to the high quality of bokeh in images and has been coated with Sony’s original Nano AR coating to suppress any unwanted reflections, glare, or ghosting in images. When used with Sony’s 1.4x and 2.0x E-mount teleconverters, the user can shoot at extended focal lengths while maintaining fast, precise AF performance.

Lightweight, Durability, Reliability and Control
Weighing in at only approx. 3040g, the new super-telephoto prime lens is the lightest in its class, providing a level of portability and manoeuvrability. Magnesium alloy is also used throughout the lens to help minimise weight and bulk. The new 600mm lens features a lens design that is not front-heavy, reducing the moment of inertia that resists rotation, ensuring quicker, more precise panning when shooting handheld or on a monopod. The lens is also dust and moisture resistant, and its front element is coated with fluorine to resist dirt and fingerprints.

There is also hard controls on the lens, including customisable focus-hold buttons in four different locations on the lens barrel, which can be programmed for control of features. There is also a ‘Full-Time DMF’ switch to immediately engage manual focus at any point, and a focus ring that features Linear Response MF for fine, responsive manual focus.

FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS Super-Telephoto Zoom Lens

The FE 200-600mm is also Sony’s first longest super telephoto zoom lens. Like the 600mm GM lens, this lens inherits all the best lens making technology from Sony, it produces high-performance AF, and outstanding control. When paired with any of the latest, fastest E-mount camera bodies, it will reliably track and accurately capture all types of moving subjects including birds, wildlife, athletes in motion and much more.

It is compatible with Sony’s 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters, extending the reach to a maximum of 840mm at F9 or 1200mm at F13 with outstanding image quality and AF performance. It has built-in optical stabilisation with three different mode settings allows images to be sharp and in-focus at extended super-telephoto focal lengths.

it was built with five ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements and an aspherical element, arranged in a new optical design that minimises chromatic aberration, and the 11-blade circular aperture mechanism that ensures beautiful bokeh. With Sony’s DDSSM (Direct Drive SSM) focusing system, this lens has the power and precision needed to drive the lens mechanism for remarkably fast, accurate focusing.

The overall length of the lens does not change while zooming, maintaining consistent balance and distance between the front of the lens and desired shooting subject, thanks to the fixed-length structure with internal zoom mechanism. The focus ring features Linear Response MF for fine, responsive manual focus control, and it is equipped with three customisable focus-hold buttons plus a Focus Range Limiter.

The two lenses will be available in July 2019, or visit Sony Malaysia for more information.

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