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Sony A7R Mark IV – 61MP images first look


What’s all the buzz about the 61MP files churned out from the latest Sony A7R Mark IV fullframe mirrorless camera? We have the chance to bring you the source images that came out from this camera yesterday when we attended the regional launch in Singapore.

We tried on some shooting stations where a few fashion models were prepared for use to test the files. The following images were shot with the A7R IV paired with the FE135mm F1.8GM lens.

Sony A7R IV

This is a 100% crop photo to show you the amount of details which you could get out from this pixel monster.

©Digitalcamera.my Shot with Sony A7R IV

And the full photo of the eye above was from this shot below at 1/250 F4 at ISO400. You can download this file in full resolution for checking here.

©Digitalcamera.my Shot with Sony A7R IV

Here is another picture at full 61MP shot at 1/2000 with wideopen aperture F1.8 with ISO400.

©Digitalcamera.my Shot with Sony A7R IV

Having a 61MP also gives you an advantage of space, a lot of cropping space, the picture below is a 24MP (6000 x 4000 pixels) cropped out from the 61MP. It was as though you have 2.5 units of the A7 III in an A7R IV body.

©Digitalcamera.my Shot with Sony A7R IV

The above images were cropped out from the 61MP original images below, shot at 1/2000 at F1.8 ISO400.

©Digitalcamera.my Shot with Sony A7R IV

We will have an in-depth review of this camera soon when the consumer version is made available by Sony. The pre-order is expected to be announced sometime this week by Sony Malaysia with stock to hit the shelves in end Aug or early Sept this year with a retail price close to RM15000 for the body.

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