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Shooting Tips – Twilight Seascape


This post let you understand the method and shooting tips to get you started to shoot great twilight seascape photo for the first time.

shooting seascape
Photo by Chris George. Digital Camera Mag

There will be always first time to shoot something, try our shooting tips to create awesome twilight seascape.

Exposure mode Manual

Aperture f/11–f/16

Shutter speed 1/30 sec or slower

ISO 100


  • Use the settings above as a rough guide. If the image is dark, set a slower shutter speed. Too bright? Fit an ND filter.
  • A strong ND filter will enable shutter speeds that last for several seconds or minutes, creating smooth water. 
  • Use an ND grad to retain detail in the sky. 
  • Lens? use a good wide-angle lens. Sometimes, an ultra wide-angle lens will give you an unexpected result. If you only have a kit lens, the 24mm or the widest you have can still give you great photo, just focus on the framing.

Top tip: Set the Tungsten/Incandescent White Balance, or dial in a low Kelvin setting in order to add a cool overall tone. 

What camera to use? There are many brands which could achieve this, look them up here or the major brands such as Canon, Nikon or Sony

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