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Shooting Tips – Dramatic Fireworks


To get started with shooting dramatic fireworks, there are certain steps you should know. This post let you understand the method and shooting tips to get you started.

Photo by David Caudery

One of the main shooting tips is, study the location of the fireworks display in advance and get there early to mark your best spot Chances are, there will be many photographers fighting for the best spot for the best dramatic fireworks.

Exposure mode Manual

Focus Mode Manual

Aperture F/11

ISO 200


  • Experiment with different shutter speeds; try starting with exposures of 1-4 seconds to ensure the sky remains dark.
  • Pre-focus at the distance the fireworks will be and switch the lens to MF to lock this in.
  • For sharp shots, fix your camera to a tripod and trip the shutter with a remote release. 
  • Lens? use a good wide-angle lens. Sometimes, an ultra wide-angle lens will give you an unexpected result. If you only have a kit lens, the 24mm or the widest you have can still give you great photo, just focus on the framing.

Top tip: Capture one or two bursts at a time, then try combining the shots in Photoshop using the Lighten blend mode. 

What camera to use? There are many brands which could achieve this, look them up here or the major brands such as Canon, Nikon or Sony

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