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Review- Nikon Speedlights


Nikon Speedlights, the SB-700 and SB-5000 are two power-packed flashguns with light sources to help your shot shines, whether for environmental or portraits.

Nikon Speedlight SB-700
The SB-700 comes complete with colour correction filters for use with both fluorescent and tungsten ambient lighting, plus auto-sensing when fitted. A good-quality diffusion dome is also included. Smart features include a range of illumination patterns, a powerful 24-120mm zoom range and wireless commander and slave modes, albeit with only optical rather than RF connectivity. One niggle is that you can only switch from Nikon’s TTL-BL (Balanced Light) mode to standard TTL by changing the metering mode on the host camera body. There’s also no programmable repeat mode.

The Gn 38 maximum power rating is the lowest here. Even so, it comes pretty close to the Canon 470EX-AI and Phottix flashguns at competing for zoom settings. For power output, the maximum 120mm zoom setting is longer than some other brands. TTL metering works very well in Balanced Light mode, giving natural-looking results. Recycle speed with NiMH batteries is 2.7 seconds and longer with alkaline batteries is 5.4 seconds, thus, we suggest to use better batteries for faster turnaround time.

Price: RM1,242 at Nikon Malaysia

Nikon Speedlight SB-5000
The bigger, better and more powerful than the SB-700, this is Nikon’s top-end flashgun, aimed at the professional market. It has a more powerful Gn 55 rating, a bigger 24-200mm zoom range, and a programmable repeat mode. The on-board control system is also more comprehensive. As expected, there is an option of using an external battery pack, and TTL-BL or regular TTL modes can be selected directly.

Similar to the latest top-end Canon flashgun on the test, the Nikon has built-in RF connectivity, as well as optical linking. But it’s not all good news: the Nikon only has a built-in receiver, so won’t work as an RF transmitter.

At the 105mm zoom setting, the Nikon equals the Canon 600EX II-RT. There’s certainly no lack of power, with the SB-5000 matching or beating all the top-ranking competitors. Automatic flash metering works very well in both regular and TTL-BL modes When we test it in Recycle speed, the NiMH batteries take 2.3 seconds with alkaline batteries at 2.9 seconds making the SB-5000 one of the fastest recycler.

Price: RM2,203 at Nikon Malaysia

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