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Red Renegade – Analogue photography uprises


The world’s only 35 mm camera dedicated to sprocket holes, the Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0 is a panoramic camera made for capturing the bigger picture.

Dressed to impress in a luscious red suit, this analogue beauty comes with scroll knobs so you can travel back in time and mix n’ match your memories with multiple exposures and endless panoramas. Never let a moment pass you by, leave no story untold and no film unexposed!

Amazingly Analogue

We love the analogue adventure and we don’t want to hide it! The Sprocket Rocket is an homage to classic film photography, spreading your snaps across the entirety of your 35 mm film, including the sprocket holes for an unmistakably analogue look. Keep the analogue fire raging with this charming red devil and capture your memories on the timeless beauty of film.

Tried, Tested and Loved

The iconic Sprocket Rocket first took off in 2011, inspiring thousands of analogue astronauts to shoot for the stars. We’ve decided to give this tried-and-tested design a fiery makeover to celebrate 8 years of cosmic creativity, adding a splash of silver to our red renegade and new, more durable aluminum film advance knobs. Scratch back and forth through time, blend memories together or shoot the same roll of film twice to create otherworldly snaps.

The Crimson Comeback

Rocking a bright new crimson coat, the Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0 is back for another analogue adventure. Sporting a flashy color scheme, this powerful panoramic snapper features a unique film tension system designed to expose 35 mm film perforations for an unapologetically analogue result. Leave no memory uncaptured, no story untold and no film unexposed – and look red hot while shooting it all!

Bright and Ready For More

The Sprocket Rocket is designed for one thing – capturing the biggest photos possible on 35 mm film. With its gorgeous horizon-eating panoramic perspective and sprocket exposing frame, you can capture the bigger picture with ease. It’s everything you need to capture the party from the front door to dance floor and shoot your next adventure from sea to summit. Explore unlimited multiple and long exposures, and brighten up your life with the hotshoe mount – the power is yours!

Price and Availability

Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0 Camera is priced at RM299. Visit here for more information.

Techinical Specification

Focal Length: 30 mm
Standard Image Size: 72 × 35 mm
Frame Insert: 70 × 24 mm
Focusing Zones: 0,6 m – 1 m, 1 m – infinity.
Shutter Speeds: 1/100, Bulb
Aperture: f/10.8, f/16
Film Stopping Indicator: White Dot
Multiple Exposures: Unlimited
Tripod Mount: Yes
Hot-shoe Mount: Yes

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