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Profoto Pro-D3 Launched


The relentless studio workhorse and groundbreaking Pro-D3 industrial-grade mono light developed to address global content production needs.

Profoto recognizes the increasing scale of content creation among its customers, prompting the development of the Pro-D3 to meet the evolving durability demands of high-end, high-volume image content creation. Available in two versions, with 750Ws or 1250Ws of power at your disposal. The Pro-D3 is designed to be a relentless workhorse, equipped with high-grade components through and through. With an impressive 11 f-stop flash power adjustment range and 0.1 f-stop precision, the Pro-D3 ensures unparalleled versatility, catering to the power-intensive and durability needs of high-volume shooting.

The Pro-D3 introduces three distinct flash modes to ensure unmatched lifetime economy as well as provide options for specific use cases. In default ECO mode, flash parameters are optimized for color consistency and maximized equipment lifetime. BOOST adds an extra boost of power, while FREEZE delivers the shortest flash duration for razor-sharp splashing liquid and fast action shots.

The Pro-D3 also features an extremely power-efficient LED-modeling light. It shines brighter than a 400-watt halogen lamp with only 15% of the power consumption. Beyond saving energy costs this keeps light shapers cool and extends their lifetime. Last but not least, the modeling light has a fixed daylight-balanced color temperature and light spread like the flash, so it gives a good representation of the light in the final shot. 

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“We are excited to introduce the Pro-D3, a strobe that not only meets but exceeds the evolving requirements of our customers in the high-end commercial image content creation industry,” says Göran Marén, Product Manager at Profoto. “The Pro-D3’s innovative features collectively contribute to improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and an extended fixture lifetime, making it the go-to choice for professionals engaged in daily high-end image content creation,” concludes Göran Marén.

Stacked from 15 images. Method=B (R=8,S=4)

Distributed by Srishti Digital PL, the Pro-D3 is expected to be on sale in quarter three of 2024 with the following retail prices:-
a) PRO-D3 750 RM14,050
b) PRO-D3 Duo Kit RM27,540
c) PRO-D3 1250 RM18,700
d) PRO-D3 1250 Duo Kit RM36,640

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