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Profoto A2 & Connect Pro Launch Event – Malaysia


A gathering of sixty strong crowds of local professional photographers and enthusiasts, Srishti Digital Life Malaysia office has pulled together a successful launch event of the Profoto A2 & the Connect Pro.

Happening in a studio in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on the 13th Aug 2022, Srishti Digital Life Sdn Bhd arranged a two-session launch in the morning and afternoon with the demonstration of Profoto A2 lights mixed with their existing eco-system accessories, and not forgetting the newly launched Profoto Connect Pro to control all the lights just with one unified device.

Philip Ong – Country Manager, Srishti Digital Life Malaysia

Officiating the launch was Mr Philip Ong, the Country Manager – Srishti Digital Life Sdn Bhd, who is the distributor of Profoto products here. “Profoto’s smallest ever mono-light. It’s small, lightweight, and portable – about the size of a regular soda can. This is a light that you really can bring anywhere and everywhere. Throw it in your bag or a jacket pocket, and you’re ready to make the most of whatever location you might find yourself in” adds Philip.

Philip Ong – Country Manager, Srishti Digital Life Malaysia

Like all Profoto lights, the A2 is easy and intuitive to use; you’ll go from box to first flash in record time. And the A2 connects to the broader universe of Profoto products with AirX connectivity built in. You can use the A2 as a part of a more extensive lighting system, and you can shoot with any camera, including a smartphone. Enjoy the freedom of choosing where you make adjustments to all settings. Either via the user-friendly large display on the flash or via the Profoto app.

On Profoto Connect Pro, Philip elaborates “Our overarching mission is to make access to great light easy for all professional photographers. And with the introduction of Connect Pro, we take yet another step towards accomplishing our mission,”. The Profoto Connect Pro is remarkably easy to use. Forget the user manual, the large display is intuitive and straightforward with improved TTL group control. Simply slide it on your camera’s hot-shoe – and you’re ready to create great images.

The event was graced by five Profoto Ambassadors (Malaysia) who are professional photographers in their own rights. Ms Jewel Ling, a commercial photographer demonstrated the use of colour gels and placement of lights to get maximum visual impact for high fashion photography.

Jewel Ling – Profoto Ambassador (Malaysia)

Mr Johnson Wee, a renowned local wedding photographer demonstrated the use of Profoto A2’s mobility and location shooting mixing with available light to create a dramatic result.

Johnson Wee – Profoto Ambassador (Malaysia)

Mr Joie Koo, an expert in the art of body movements photography, especially dance, demonstrates the use of high-speed sync to shoot a ballet dancer who makes jumps and arches midair. With the Profoto Connect Pro, he can pull together different types of Profoto lights to sync seamlessly to capture and freeze great movement images.

Joie Koo – Profoto Ambassador (Malaysia)

Tuan Haji Wan, a conceptual photographer who shoots with mixed lights and on location, demonstrates the ease of use and mobility of the Profoto A2 and its modifiers to create great-looking masterpieces.

Tuan Haji Wan – Profoto Ambassador (Malaysia)

Kim Mun, a local professional commercial and conceptual photographer demonstrated the use of Profoto Connect Pro to control different light sources from Profoto’s newer or older series of lights for his creative shots.

Kim Mun – Profoto Ambassador (Malaysia)
Display Partner – Viewsonic

The event was made even more impressive with a brand partner, Viewsonic showcasing their latest high-end display, the Color Pro series targeting the photographer and filmmaker with a very accurate colour display.

Profoto A2
Profoto A2

Let’s take a quick look at the main features of the Profoto A2:-

  • Super compact size and light weight.
  • Powerful 100Ws flash and fast flash recycling.
  • Built-in reflector and lens
  • Fully compatible with all magnetic Profoto Clic Light Shaping Tools
  • Integrated AirX connectivity
  • Built-in LED focus/modelling light

Profoto Connect Pro Product Numbers and compatibility:

  • Profoto Connect Pro (Non-TTL): 901320
  • Profoto Connect Pro (Canon): 901321
  • Profoto Connect Pro (Nikon): 901322
  • Profoto Connect Pro (Sony): 901323
  • Profoto Connect Pro (Fujifilm): 901324
  • Profoto Connect Pro (Leica): 901325

Profoto Connect Pro (Non-TTL): Any camera with an ISO hot shoe mount
Profoto Connect Pro (Other brand versions): Camera models listed on www.profoto.com

Profoto Conenct Pro
Profoto Conenct Pro

Distributed by Srishti Digital PL, the Profoto A2 price is RM4,799 and will be available in Mid July. Pre-order campaigns are also available at YL Camera, N4 Camera, Promax Digital, ShaShinKi & Capitol Photo Studio. The Profoto Connect Pro is RM1,850

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