Friday, September 17, 2021

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Review – Nikkor Z 58mm F0.95 S Noct

The Nikkor Z 58mm F0.95 S Noct is one Noct-orious lens in many aspects, apart from its humongous size and weight, the price is...

Nikon Z 50 – the DX-format to fill their mirrorless system gap

There's always a beginning for everything, although a little late, but never too late. Today, Nikon has finally put forth its APS-C mirrorless camera,...

Review- Nikon Speedlights

Nikon Speedlights, the SB-700 and SB-5000 are two power-packed flashguns with light sources to help your shot shines, whether for environmental or portraits. Nikon Speedlight...

Facts about the Nikkor Z 58mm F0.95 S Noct

And this is a not-your-usually large aperture lens, it drops below the commercially used F1.2, so this is the ultimate F0.95! The Nikkor Z...

Review: Nikon Z 35mm F1.8 S

In this review, we look at Nikon's important lens for the Z mount, the Z 35mm F1.8 S. This is a great street and...

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