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Meet Canon Malaysia’s 2023 EOS Masters


Done with two groups of EOS Ambassadors, Canon Malaysia unveiled a group of 19 fresh EOS Masters in leading the company’s passion towards contributing to the local development of talents in the creative scenes.

Canon Malaysia has never been more enthusiastic now than it did before in leading photography and videography for local talents. Canon’s ambassadorship programme, which was announced back in April 2020, paved its focal corporate purpose for nurturing the next generation of image-makers and content creators nationwide through valuable insights and professional guidance, powered by Canon’s EOS products. A signing ceremony was held earlier at Golden Screen Cinemas, Mid Valley Megamall to officiate the EOS Master 2023 announcement.

So, what are the roles of Canon Malaysia’s EOS Masters? To summarise their roles, they have to:-

  • Increase Brand awareness/relevancy ranging from photo enthusiasts to semi-professional and professional photographers
  • Strengthen the brand’s position as the choice amongst enthusiasts and professionals
  • Promote and build affinity amongst other enthusiasts and professionals within the photography industry.
  • To become workshop speakers to share experience, passion, and knowledge.

Let’s get to know the EOS Masters (in alphabet order):-


Acacia Diana

EOS Master Acacia

Acacia Diana is a highly skilled visual artist with a speciality in travel, architecture, and humanitarian photography. She is an enthusiastic advocate of exploring the world and capturing the unique beauty of different environments, cultural identities, and spatial designs. Acacia has worked with numerous global brands in the hospitality and humanitarian industries and has been recognized by Tatler Asia as an inspiring female photographer making a social impact. Her works have been exhibited in London, Amsterdam, and Kuala Lumpur, and she is dedicated to using her talents to shed light on important social issues through her photography.

Andrew Koh

EOS Master Andrew Koh

Andrew is a skilled and experienced wedding photographer with a friendly and fun personality. He was an official trainer for the Canon EOS Academy in Malaysia, and he is a member of WPPI and WPE. Andrew excels at capturing candid expressions and emotions in natural settings, and he has the talent of getting the people he works with ready to fully enjoy the moment. He is skilled at anticipating important moments during weddings and capturing them through changing perspectives and allowing his subjects enough space to act naturally. Andrew creates a relaxed atmosphere for things to unveil themselves, resulting in fun-filled shots that allow one to truly live in the moment.

Annice Lyn

EOS Master Annice

Annice Lyn is a professional photojournalist who has received recognition for her work documenting important stories and advocating for gender equality. As a former national figure skater, her transition into photography has led her to become the first and only Malaysian woman to be accredited for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games and has recently covered the Tokyo 2020 Summer and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics amid the global pandemic. Annice’s work has graced the covers of major publications such as TIME, National Geographic, and the New York Times. She is currently contracted with Getty Images APAC covering editorial, featured news, current affairs and sports in Malaysia. In addition to her many accomplishments, she is a co-founder of Women Photographers Malaysia which aims to make a positive impact by promoting inclusivity through visual storytelling.

Asmady Ahmad

EOS Master Asmady

Asmady is a highly experienced wedding and portrait photographer based in the northern region part of Malaysia who has been in the business for almost 18 years. He is an avid Canon user who has conducted many workshops and classes and is a two-time winner of the Canon PhotoMarathon (CPM). Asmady has also served as a judge for CPM 2017. He is considered one of the top wedding and portrait photographers in his region.

Barathan Amuthan

EOS Master Barathan

Barathan Amuthan is a highly skilled and experienced photographer with a strong background in creative arts. Having received numerous accolades, including the title of Canon EOS Youth Ambassador Malaysia and PPAM Certification as an “Advance Photographer,” Barathan has gained a reputation as a proficient photographer with over a decade of experience in the industry. His work has been widely published, including on the social media platforms of Canon Malaysia, Canon Asia, and Canon Philippines, and has appeared in various magazines, on social media, and on company websites. Barathan is versatile and has shot a wide range of subjects, including celebrities, and has extensive experience capturing special moments at weddings and other events. He is known for his ability to allow viewers to see through his eyes and has a unique talent for eternalizing memorable events through still images.

Baron Abas

EOS Master Baron Abbas

Baron is the founder and Digital Content & Course Director of WolFang Digital, a filmmaking and training studio that he established in 1999. He is qualified to teach a wide range of courses ranging from videography and video editing to drone operations. Baron is also a licensed Scuba diver specialising in underwater videography and photography. As a Director of Photography, Baron has over 20 years of experience in the video production industry. He shares his knowledge by leading workshops for numerous international and government organisations across the country including Bank Negara Malaysia, Proton Holdings, AIA Malaysia, Malakoff Corporation, Khazanah Nasional, Maxis Communications, JAIS (Sarawak), Canon Malaysia, TV3 Malaysia, Royal Military College, PDRM, Al Jazeera, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Monash University, Taylor’s University, Inti International University, Saito University, YPC International College and the Attorney General’s Office amongst others. Participants graduating from his courses testify that Baron is able to break down the most challenging topics into simple-to-understand terms, making his courses both educational and enjoyable.

Bonnie Yap

EOS Master Bonnie

This outspoken lady started her photography career back in 1990. Her 12-year stint with The Star publication enabled her to broaden her photography portfolio. Bonnie is a professional photographer with extensive experience in the industry, including work as a news and events photographer at The Star Publications, as well as shooting lifestyle shots for food, entertainment, and business magazines. She has since grown into a versatile photographer, working on a range of projects including indoor studio food shoots, interior, architectural, entertainment, travel, fashion, corporate, and FMCG projects. She has also been commissioned by regional clients for photo shoots around the world. Bonnie was a Canon EOS Ambassador and was named one of Marie Claire’s Amazing Women of 2019. She has held two solo photo exhibitions, one in 2013 which raised funds for a social welfare program and another in 2016 in conjunction with World Environment Day, which raised funds for a renewable energy project and surgery for a needy infant.

CJ Tan

EOS Master CJ

CJ Tan is an experienced videographer based in Penang. While maintaining his main profession as an IT engineer, CJ has been engaging with the various communities in Penang over the years and created more than 200 multi-genre videos such as weddings, fashion shows, event highlights, corporate videos, and many more. Some of his project highlights include work done for Bosch, Charis (South Korea), Hilton (Hang Zhou, China), Neubodi, KTM, UFCO, Volvo Trucks Malaysia, and Canon Marketing Malaysia. CJ is a Certified Train The Trainer (TTT) and is passionate about sharing his experiences with the younger generation as he believes that “knowledge shared is power multiplied.”

Edwin Lay

EOS Master Edwin

Edwin is an experienced professional photographer and producer based in Kuching, Sarawak. He began his career as a wedding photographer in 2008. Dynamic and versatile, he is skilled in covering corporate events, automotive events, and extreme sports. Along with his team of photographers and videographers, he founded a production company called Reel FX Studio in 2016. He is actively conducting workshops with Canon Marketing Malaysia, various private corporations, and government agencies and institutions. Edwin has a diverse portfolio and has covered many major events for the government and local and international companies. He believes in continuous and dynamic skill development, creatively improving his work, and searching for and developing new talents in this important industry.

Fazry Ismail

EOS Master Fazry

Fazry is the Chief Photographer for the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) in Malaysia and a talented photographer who has earned 1st place in the general news category at the 2022 Picture of the Year International (POYi) competition. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in photography at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), he has covered a variety of major news and sports events, including various Olympic Games, the Nanjing FIBA World Cup, the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, the APEC Summit in Papua New Guinea, and the Hong Kong protests in 2019. In addition to his professional photography work, Fazry is also an avid Street Trials and BMX enthusiast.

Fuad Stephan

EOS Master Fuad

Fuad Stephan is a highly skilled and experienced professional photographer and videographer based in Alor Setar, Kedah. With a speciality in portrait photography, human interest, journalism, and landscape photography, Fuad is particularly skilled at capturing the beauty of the Milky Way and the rays of light. His dedication to producing high-quality images and videos that capture the essence of his subjects and the beauty of the world around us has earned him a reputation as a talented and reliable professional.

Joe Chia

EOS Master Joe

Joe Chia is a professional photographer based in Bayan Lepas, Penang with a passion for street photography. He has been in the industry for over 12 years and has worked with renowned brands such as BMW, MINI, Motorrad, Harley-Davidson, and Ducati. He has been using Canon cameras for the past decade and has developed strong expertise in corporate and event photography. In addition to his work, Joe Chia has also conducted workshops and collaborated with multiple automotive brands and has had the privilege of shooting for more than 40 brands throughout his career.

Johnson Wee

EOS Master Johnson Wee

Johnson is Asia’s most-awarded wedding photographer. Coming from a photography family (his grand uncle was a very famous portrait photographer in the 60’s), with multiple accolades under his belt, he is also a Double Master of WPPI and a Fellow of the BIPP & MPA, UK. Johnson was Canon’s ambassador and is currently Profoto’s ambassador for his home country, Malaysia. He travels to the most fascinating locations in the corners of the globe to capture beautiful pre-wedding assignments for his clients. A veteran educator, he has also been invited by various photography organizations such as WPPI, MPA, SWPP, PWS for workshops, speaking assignments and also as a judge for their annual competitions.

Kin Fong

EOS Master Kin Fong

Kin is a dedicated and passionate bird photographer who is committed to sharing the beauty of Malaysia’s avian life with fellow Malaysians and the rest of the world. After being inspired by a visit to Fraser’s Hill, Kin began to focus on bird photography and has been sharing his images of Malaysian birds on his social media accounts. He has photographed numerous popular birding locations within the country and is eager to expand his horizons by exploring bird photography abroad.

Liew Weng Keong

EOS Master Liew WK

Liew is a nature lover and experienced nature photographer based in Malaysia who has been actively involved in the field since 2006. His love for nature and his work has allowed him to spend an average of 250 days each year in the forest, and this experience has helped him to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Through his journey as a nature photographer, Liew has gained the trust and support of friends, customers, publishers, and event organizers. Nature photography is a central part of Liew’s life, and he is deeply dedicated to capturing the beauty of the natural world through his photographs.

M. Safuan Salahudin

EOS Master Safuan

Mohd Safuan is a talented photographer who was born and raised in Kedah. He began his full-time photography career in 2013 and has since achieved great success, winning numerous photography competitions such as History Channel’s Photo Face-Off TV reality show in 2017, Canon PhotoMarathon in Malaysia, Singapore, and Asia in 2018 and 2019, and Images of Asia – Asian Geographic in 2022. Safuan has also served as the official sports photographer for the Malaysian Football League since 2018 and has been appointed as an international judge for the SIARGAO Worldwide Photo Contest in the Philippines for 2022. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Safuan was recently awarded a Tourism Selangor grant to publish an e-book on Selangor’s gastronomical delights. In his spare time, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with photography enthusiasts through various workshops.

Benaz (Nazri Bakar)

EOS Master Benaz

Nazri is a professional wedding photographer based in Kelantan, with a speciality in capturing the unforgettable moments of the couples’ special day. In addition to his expertise in wedding photography, Nazri is also the team leader of the Kelantan Photographer Network, a group of talented photographers in the region who collaborate and support one another in their craft. Nazri is dedicated to producing beautiful, timeless images that couples can cherish for years to come, and is skilled at working both independently and as part of a team to achieve this goal.

Palie Massa

EOS Master Palie

Wan Mohd Fadzli W. Samsudin, also known as Palie Massa, is a talented photographer who recently won first place in the portrait category at the VII Jalón Ángel International Photography competition, organized by San Jorge University in Spain. Palie is passionate about photography and is inspired by the depiction of people working in their daily lives, such as those in minor jobs. He believes that every life episode has a story behind it and is worth documenting through photography.

Stewart Sun

EOS Master Stewart

Stewart Sun is a highly experienced and award-winning photographer based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. He is the owner and principal photographer of Enoch Gallery and has a great reputation in the area due to his numerous awards for his photographic works since 2009. In addition to his expertise in portraits and wedding photography, Stewart has also attended international photography industry events such as the MPA (Master Photographers Association, UK), WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer International, USA), PPAC (Professional Photographer Asia Community), AsiaWPA (Asia Wedding Photographer Association), WPI, WPC, PSJ, PAJ, and PFJB and has achieved professional awards. Stewart believes that a “photograph is never neutral and that it is impossible not to have a point of view as a photographer, and he brings his own baggage and background to the choice of subject and time of the photograph.”

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