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Joby Wavo Pro – Expand Audio Recording


Nice video footages are cool, but nothing beats having top-quality crispy audio pairing with your nice video. Here are the top five facts you need to know about the Joby Wavo Pro.

Meet JOBY Wavo PRO, the most advanced On-Camera shotgun microphone on the market. Feature-packed with a creator-driven approach, no shooting challenge is too great for Wavo PRO. Built for storytellers, filmmakers and expert content creators, Wavo PRO is designed to pair with the latest camera hardware and brings broadcast-level audio performance to this dynamic and growing audience.

Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about the Joby Wavo Pro:-

#1 ANR

The built-in ANR (Active Noise Reduction) algorithm removes self-generated structural noise in real-time, making sure you get the cleanest audio possible directly into your camera while shooting on the go. It’s made to cancel low-frequency noise from your recording or unwanted shakes and vibrations, such as wind. This element was especially useful in outdoor settings.

#2 App-Based Sound Management

At the heart of the microphone lies the digital sound processor, which can be controlled via the Wavo PRO app (iOS & Android): actively shape your sound and monitor audio levels even when in front of the camera. Wavo PRO delivers professional content in a fully intuitive package. The dedicated JOBY Wavo App gives you added control over mic features (such as EQ settings) to achieve those refined preferences. The setting can be customized and shared with others.

#3 LED Notifier

The built-in LEDs notify you of your sound and battery levels in real-time, so you can always stay in control of your sound, even in front of the camera. The automatic power mode automatically switches the Wavo PRO ON or OFF in sync with the camera, to fit in with your workflow hassle-free and save time and battery for later.

#4 Safe Track Recording

Distortion can ruin a perfectly good take. So, the Wavo PRO provides an activatable safety track mode. Ideal when recording two channels (left and right) on your device, the safety track mode routes a duplicate of the main mic signal at -10 dB to one of the channels. Even if the main channel distorts, the secondary channel will be clean.

#5 External Mic input

The side-panel 3.5mm input lets you add an external mic (in stereo mode) such as the separately available Wavo Lav PRO, creating an ideal interview setup with one lapel mic and one shotgun mic recorded to separate channels on the same device.

There are other notable features to make your recording flow smoothly. The compact shape and aluminium construction testify to the JOBY’s ambition to provide premium products for the most demanding creators, to match high-end mirrorless cameras with functional, performing, and well-built accessories. Forget about changing batteries. The Wavo PRO can run for up to 60 hours (50 hours with active noise reduction engaged) on its internal USB-rechargeable battery. Alternatively, it can be powered via a USB connection to a power bank or laptop computer.

Connect the mic’s traditional 3.5mm TRS analogue output to the mic input of your camera, DSLR, or camcorder using the supplied TRS cable. Or use the USB Type-C digital output when you want to record straight to a computer or mobile device equipped with a corresponding USB Type-C port.

Joby Wavo is distributed by Srishti Digital Life Sdn Bhd at RM2,086. Get the best deal HERE.

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