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How to shoot like a “Podzillian”


And now you are a proud owner of the brand new Joby Podzilla. As a vlogger or indi content creator, here are some of the best ways to fully maximise your Podzilla system.

In this know-how article, we have categorised three tripod shooting methods using the Podzilla to maximise your shooting experience – the regular tripod mode, the moving around handheld mode and the flexible “everything goes” mode for the content creator to get an idea to maximise the use of their Podzilla system.

The Tripod Mode
This mode is a simple and straightforward shooting setup with a smartphone or a camera. You simply place the Podzilla on the tabletop or a decently flat surface with the recording devise facing you. The choice of Podzilla used could be a Podzilla Large or Podzilla medium, depending on what camera you use. If you are using your mirrorless camera system with less than 2.5kg including the lens, we suggest you go for Podzilla Large series that comes with a standard 1/4″ quick release plate type, and if you are just shooting on a smartphone exclusively, we suggest you opt for the Podzilla Medium kit that comes with a standard ball head that supports up to 1kg load.

Podzilla Medium Kit with phone mount

The Podzilla Medium Kit set comes with a Phone Clamp with a double cold shoe that holds a smartphone with widths of 6.7-8.8cm, and a push-button locking mechanism for switching between the portrait and landscape positioning. The cold shoes at both ends allow you to mount an external microphone such as the Wavo series for exceptional audio quality and a LED light for better lighting, such as the Beamo series. If you are shooting with a camera, the Podzilla large will suffice as most of the camera comes with a hot shoe to mount an external microphone.

PodZilla Medium Kit with double cold-shoes phone clamp
Podzilla Medium mounted with a mirrorless camera on a tabletop

Hand Held Content Creator Mode
If you are always creating content as a lone ranger, aka solo team, the best suggestion is to get the Podzilla Medium Kit for smartphones. You are more likely to move around holding your phone most of the time and flexibility is key. The medium kit that comes with the Phone Clamp allows you to change the phone orientation swiftly by pushing a button to unlock and rotate. The phone clam’s cold shoes could let you add an external microphone for audio clarity or even an external LED light if you want to up your content game.

Podzilla Medium Kit with external microphone and LED light

Some advanced content creators may want better video quality and choose to use a proper camera, but to use it in handheld mode on the go, a conventional-sized mirrorless camera may be a little too heavy. We suggest you use the Podzilla Large and mount it with a premium compact camera such as the Sony RX100 series, or Canon G series and up to the best weight limit is the APS-C camera such as the Canon M50 series with an external microphone for the best audio result. There is always a choice to shoot without weight stress, so we can concentrate to focus on our shooting result.

Handheld Podzilla Large with an APS-C camera
Indoor use handheld mode with the Podzilla Medium

Anything Goes Mode
This “anything goes” tripod mode is what a Podzilla was designed for. Podzilla could just grab and hold on to anything you can think of. In this mode, the content creator could place Podzilla on any surface, either with a smartphone or a camera. In outdoor scenarios, a tree could be your Podzilla support in an unlikely location to get the best video or photo angle, just flex the Podzilla out and grab around the trunk. Even a park bench or safety railing could be a support, just make sure the foundation is sturdy and solid like a rock.

Podzilla Medium with GoPro, grab on the tree
Podzilla Large grab on the park bench
Podzilla Medium kit grab on the gate for fast shooting

Podzilla is small and light and it is easy to carry around, this will enable the content creator to carry them anywhere and deploy them in an instant and ready to roll in no time. Even if you are indoors, in your kitchen, the fridge handle could also be the Podzilla support, or when you are working out in the gym, the weights handlebar could also be the Podzilla’s victim. So you see, the flexibilities are endless.

The fridge handle can also be used to mount your Podzilla Large kit
Who has thought of using the handlebar as Podzilla Medium kit as support?

Price & Availability
Podzilla Medium kit is RM236.00 (Kit, with GripTight 360 Phone Mount), Podzilla Large kit is RM289.00 (Kit, with GripTight 360 Phone Mount) and the Large non-kit set is RM236.00

Who is distributing Joby in Malaysia?
Srishti Digital Life Sdn Bhd may be a new name in Malaysia, but its portfolio of brands and products is one of the biggest in South East Asia. Led by an experienced team, Srishti Malaysian unit has scaled across many new horizons and has been able to successfully collaborate with the top brands such as Profoto, Manfrotto, Joby, Ilford, Gitzo, Lowepro, Nat Geo, Colorama, Avengers, TetherTools & Magmod

Visit and follow their Social Media on Facebook and Instagram for future updates.

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