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GoPro Hero10 Launched


GoPro’s New HERO10 Black Camera Delivers Breakthrough Image Quality and Speed with Ease.

GoPro announced its new flagship camera, HERO10 Black, which features the company’s new high-performance GP2 processor. GP2 delivers breakthrough image quality and blistering video frame rates that enable HERO10 Black to capture life-like 5.3K video at 60 frames per second, 4K video at 120 frames per second and 2.7K video at an incredible 240 frames per second. The new processor also enables HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization, setting a new bar once again and all but ensuring HERO10 Black captures the smoothest shake-free video you’ve ever seen from any camera, regardless of price.

Specifications at a glance:-

  • Powerful New GP2 Processor Delivers 2X Faster Video Frame Rates and Next Generation Image Quality
  • 5.3K Video at 60 FPS
  • 4K Video at 120 FPS and 2.7K Video at 240 FPS
  • Upgraded HyperSmooth 4.0 Video Stabilization Resets the Bar
  • 23 Megapixel Photo Resolution
  • Cloud-Connected: HERO10 Black Uploads Footage to the Cloud While Charging

Breakthrough Image Quality and Video Stabilization 
HERO10 Black’s all-new GP2 processor combines with an ultra-high-resolution 23.6-megapixel sensor to enable shockingly life-like image quality. The camera’s highest video resolution of 5.3K delivers 91% more resolution than 4K and 665% more resolution than 1080p HD at an impressive 60 frames per second—allowing for fluid playback and 2X slow motion. 4K video can be captured at 120 frames per second (4X slow motion) and 2.7K video can be captured at 240 frames per second (8X slow motion).

The new GP2 processor also enables improved video algorithms featuring local tone mapping (LTM) and 3D noise reduction (3DNR) that capture finer detail, more realistic textures and better contrast—even in low light.  

In addition to 23-megapixel photos, HERO10 Black enables 19.6-megapixel video stills to be pulled from 5K 4:3 video and 15.8-megapixel video stills from 60-frames-per-second 5.3K video—ideal for capturing amazing still images of sports and fast-paced activities.

GoPro’s shockingly good in-camera video stabilization gets an upgrade to HyperSmooth 4.0, ensuring that HERO10 Black smooths out even your most shake-ladened experiences.  The camera’s in-camera horizon levelling feature benefits from an increased tilt limit of 45° in high-performance settings, up from 27°, helping even your most chaotic video footage look professionally smooth and steady.

Faster Access to Your GoPro Content
HERO10 Black offers three ways to conveniently access your photos and videos, including:

  • Auto uploading your most recent footage to your GoPro cloud account while the camera is charging 
  • Wireless offloading from the camera to the Quik app at speeds up to 30% faster with HERO10 Black
  • A new USB wired offload option that transfers content from the camera to the Quik app on your phone at speeds up to 50% faster than wireless  

Plastic-Free Packaging with Reusable Case
GoPro is committed to environmentally conscious, plastic-free packaging for all of its products. HERO10 Black’s packaging isn’t even packaging per se, rather it’s a high-quality, durable travel case that’s designed to fit additional GoPro mounts and accessories.

Malaysia Availability
HERO10 Black will be on sale starting late September 2021 at select retailers around Malaysia and it is distributed by GoPro’s newly appointed distributor – Ingram Micro Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. The camera retails for MYR2,399.00. HERO10 Black joins GoPro’s dual-lens, 360° MAX camera at MYR2,310.00. Visit GoPro for more details.

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