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Fujifilm GFX100 Launched


By skipping the battleground of the full frame arena, Fujifilm takes the leap across to the bigger picture’s side, to fight the war with the medium format warlords. With the launched of the Fujifilm GFX100, will we see some serious full framers cross to the other side?

Medium format is always associated with serious studio and commercial photography. Of late, brands like Pentax and now Fujifilm has lower down the entry curtain to the world of medium format photography. So, let us digest some information about the Fujifilm GFX100 for you – if you are not familiar with medium format photography (most of us stop at full frame, who doesn’t?)

102MP medium format image sensor
The new sensor, specifically developed for this camera, measures approx. 55mm diagonally and boasts an effective pixel count of approx. 102 million. The sensor has 3.76 million phase detection pixels across the surface (approx. 100% coverage) enabling fast and accurate AF regardless of where a subject is within the frame. The sensor’s “back illuminated” structure receives a greater amount of light accurately whilst achieving better noise performance.

The world’s first Medium Format five-axis In-Body Image Stabiliser (IBIS)
Fujifilm has designed an IBIS system specifically for the new 102MP medium format sensor which gives up to 5.5 stops of image stabilization. The IBIS sensor shift mechanism ensures images are stabilized not only against pitch and yaw movements (up / down and right / left tilting) but also against shift (horizontal) and roll (rotational) movements.

The world’s first Medium Format 4K 30p video recording
The combination of the new image sensor with highspeed readout and the high performance fourth generation “X-Processor 4” engine has given the camera the ability to record 4K30p video (10bit 4:2:2 externally and 10bit 4:2:0 internally), a world’s first.

When the standard digital cinema format (17:9) is selected, the GFX100 records video with a sensor area measuring 43.8mm (W) x 23.19mm (H) and 49.56mm diagonally. The larger sensor enables the content creator to produce high-quality video with shallow depth of field, wide tonal range and high ISO sensitivity.

The GFX100 uses oversampling with the data equivalent to approx. 50.5 megapixels to render video. It also supports the highly efficient H.265/HEVC codec, as well as “F-Log” which has a gamma curve with a wide dynamic range and the “Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)” for recording HDR footage with ease. The GFX100 is also the first model in the GFX System to incorporate the “ETERNA” cinema film simulation mode, delivering optimum solutions that reflect videographer’s intentions and facilitates a variety of creative expressions.

Weather-Proof, lightweight and robust body
Despite featuring a sensor which is 1.7 times larger than a 35mm full frame sensor, the GFX100’s body is equivalent to that of a flagship 35mm full frame DSLR camera in terms of dimensions (156.2mm (W) x 163.6mm (H) x 102.9mm (D), measuring 48.9mm at the thinnest part) and weight (approx. 1400g including two batteries, memory card and EVF).

The GFX100 is the first Fujifilm mirrorless digital camera to incorporate an integrated vertical grip. This has led to a thinner form factor that is comfortable to hold in your hand, despite accommodating IBIS and two batteries in the body

Enhanced user interface
The GFX100 features a 1.80″ sub LCD monitor on the top panel and a 2.05″ sub monitor on the rear panel for even more versatile information display. They show EXIF data, histogram and camera settings in large text. Various information can be allocated to each of the monitors (EVF, rear-panel LCD displays and top-panel sub LCD display) with ease of use.

For users who prefer dial based operations, like its peer GFX cameras, the GFX100 has a “Virtual Dial Mode,” which displays the image of a dial on the top panel sub LCD monitor that can be rotated and adjusted with the front and back Command Dials. On the left shoulder of the camera body is the Drive Mode Dial, which enables instantaneous switchover between Still Image, Video and Multiple Exposure modes.

High Res Displays
GFX100 has the world’s highest resolution for EVF with 5.76 million dot OLED panel. The viewfinder has a magnification of 0.86x and contains five optical glass elements including aspherical elements and has been specifically designed for the 102MP sensor, which requires extreme focusing accuracy. The rear panel monitor uses a 3.2 inch 2.36 million dot touchscreen LCD that can be tilted to three directions.

The GFX100 is the first model in the GFX System that uses our phase detection AF algorithm, tech-transferred from the fourth generation X Series cameras (X-T3 and X-T30), for its precision and speed. The algorithm makes full use of 3.76 million phase detection pixels, placed across the entire sensor, to set a new standard in AF speed and precision for large format cameras performing the standard “Single Point” AF as well as “Zone” and “Wide Tracking” AF. GFX100 boasts dramatic improvement in the accuracy of Face and Eye Detection AF, which has become an essential feature for fashion and portrait photographers.

Unique colour reproduction
The 100MP+ resolution and rich colour and tonal reproduction found in the “Film Simulation” modes, significantly boosts photo data’s postprocessing tolerance, meeting the diverse needs of professional photographers. The GFX100 also features a “Smooth Skin Effect” function, which automatically smooths the skin tones, a function often performed in post processing when shooting portraiture.

GFX100 will be available in the end of June 2019 with the street price to be announced soon (though in the US is priced at US$9,999, so you roughly can gauge the local pricing). Visit www.fujifilm.com.my for more information.

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