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Final Specs of EOS 1DX Mark III Confirmed


Since its revelation in October last year, the EOS 1DX Mark III has kept its final specifications under wrapped and left the industry guessing. Today, they have lifted the lid and show you the ingredients.


We have written about it back in October last year of its announcements, so in this article, we will jump right in to tell you the things you should know about the all-new EOS 1Dx Mark III and you can decide if it’s a Yay or Nay for you. Here are the specifications at a glance:

  • 20.1 megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Up to 16fps / 20fps (viewfinder/Live View) with AF/AE tracking
  • DIGIC X image processor with dual CFexpress slots
  • Burst rate of 1000 shots (RAW + JPEG)
  • New AF sensor with AI Servo AF IV
  • ISO 100 – 102400 (expandable to 819200)
  • 4K UHD and 4K DCI movie recording at 60p/50p with Canon Log
  • In-camera 5.5K RAW movies with simultaneous MP4files
  • Built-in Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi with FTP
  • Full touch screen LCD for menu settings and AF operation
  • Water/dust resistant with 500,000-cycle shutter durability

Digic X Image Processor
The EOS-1D X Mark III uses a single imaging engine, with processing performance that surpasses the Dual DIGIC 6+ system used in the EOS-1D X Mark II and it is reportedly 3.1 times faster than its predecessor in terms of image quality and functionality. The single-processor design also lowers power consumption.

20.1 MP Sensor driven by the all-new Digic X image processor

High-Speed Burst
The EOS 1DX Mark III now shots 2 frames faster than the Mark II. With the 16 frames per seconds burst in the mechanical shutter, it is more likely that a professional photographer can capture that precise moment with perfect image composition. Live View shooting enables high-speed burst shooting at a maximum speed of 20 fps (approx.) for both RAW and RAW + JPEG recording. Not only is the frame speed faster than Live View shooting, but focus and exposure can be maintained via AF/AE tracking. The effective AF area during Live View burst shooting is broader than that of viewfinder shooting, with tracking up to 525 AF segments. This makes Dual Pixel CMOS AF ideal for sports photography. 20 fps also applies on electronic shutter mode, for silent shooting scenarios.

The sexy back of the 1DX Mark III

File Storage
EOS-1D X Mark III is equipped with dual slots for CFexpress cards with a large-capacity buffer to support RAW + JPEG recording. Writing speed has been enhanced by adopting a CFexpress card system, with the transfer speed of up to 2GB per second. To give you an idea of how fast it is with the CFexpress, if you are shooting the maximum resolution of RAW + JPEG, you can high-speed burst it until the card is full with no buffer lag.

Dual CFexpress with up to 2GB per second file transfer

Improved AI Servo and Servo AF
Canon’s most advanced AF algorithm, AI Servo AF and Servo AF maintain highly accurate focus even in conditions that previous prediction computing models found difficult to handle. When used with Case AUTO, the reliability of automatic control has been improved. Servo AF performance during Live View shooting has been enhanced to display the same characteristics as during viewfinder shooting.

Auto Focus
In viewfinder mode, the autofocus was built with a newly developed high-resolution AF sensor, the number of AF points has been increased to a maximum of 191 points with up to 155 cross points. The flexibility now allows the user to precisely select the desired AF point and the subject tracking is also smoother and focusing accuracy is improved. A wider luminance range of AF : EV -4 to 21 (viewfinder shooting) has been enhanced for low light shooting.

EOS 1DX Mark III AF Sensor

When switching to LiveView mode, there are up to 3869 selectable AF positions and up to 525 AF area segments with Luminance range of AF : EV -6 to 18, this translates to high-precision AF shooting even in poorly lit conditions, or with low-contrast subjects.

With Eye Detection AF, when shooting human subjects, the camera will detect and focus on the subject’s eye. Even during burst shooting at a speed of up to 20 fps, the camera maintains its fix on the subject’s eye and achieves highly accurate focus.

EOS 1DX Mark III AF Unit

The EOS-1D X Mark III delivers RAW data images with rich tone gradation; PictureStyle, white balance, brightness, and contrast editing capabilities resemble those of RAW data for still photos. Sophisticated editing functions in 5.5K resolution produce results that even Canon Log cannot support. RAW and Canon Log (MP4) data files can be recorded simultaneously as well. The camera supports movie recording in both the 4K UHD standard established by the ITU and suitable for broadcast content production; and the 4K DCI (4096 x 2160, 17:9) standard established by the Digital Cinema Initiative.

Connectivity is key. All the I/O ports are there

The EOS-1D X Mark III is equipped with Canon Log. Even in high-contrast shooting scenes, the camera can suppress the occurrence of blacked-out dark areas or washed-out highlights in bright areas. The use of grading ensures detail-rich movie images. It is compatible with EOS R Canon Log in AE mode (including ISO Auto in M mode) and peripheral light correction. Detail rendering performance has also been improved with image processing innovations, improving image quality and making the camera easier to handle during shooting.

The HDMI terminal can be used to transmit 4K/60p movie data to another device for display or external recording. This camera also supports Canon Log YCbCr 4:2:2 10-bit output and ITU-R BT.2020 colour gamut output. These features make it possible to capture movie images with excellent light gradation and vivid colour.

ISO 100 – 102400 as Standard
By reducing noise in the CMOS sensor and improving noise reduction with the DIGIC X, the higher limit of normal ISO speed has been increased by one stop compared to the Mark II version. The ISO could be expanded further up to the equivalent of H3: 819200. The general noise reduction for high sensitivity shooting has also been improved.

HDR PQ HEIF 10-bit recording
EOS R cameras can use Digital Photo Professional features to process image data and record HEIF 10-bit files based on HDR PQ gamma correction. EOS-1D X Mark III provides a HEIF recording function that is not limited by continuous shooting speed (HEIF only / RAW + HEIF / CRAW + HEIF). HEIF is a file format used to store picture data after the image development process is complete. While JPEG files use an 8-bit YCbCr 4:2:2 compression scheme, HEIF uses a 10-bit YCbCr 4:2:2 HEVC compression algorithm, complying with the ITU-R BT.2100 HDR standard. HDR PQ (Perceptual Quantization) is a new gamma curve based on the characteristics of human eyesight. It supports HDR recording at ITU-R BT.2100 standard (PQ).

Smart Controller / Selecting AF point
A new smart controller has been introduced in EOS-1D X Mark III. The smart controller combines an optical pointing device with a conventional AF-ON button to enable autofocus just by pressing the button during the direct selection of the AF point. The smart controller supports customization and it can be locked with the multi-function lock.

Built for the all-weather situation.
The skull of the EOS 1DX Mark III

Newly developed highly durable shutter
The EOS-1DX Mark III supports high-speed burst shooting of up to 16 fps (approx.) when taking pictures using the viewfinder, and up to 20 fps (approx.) when using Live View mechanical shutter. The EOS-1D X Mark III’s shutter unit passed the 500,000-cycle endurance test in Canon’s in-house tests, simulating a standard photo session.

EOS 1DX Mark III’s highly durable shutter unit

Available in Feb 2020, price is yet to be announced locally, for complete specification information, visit Canon Malaysia. The review will be up soon.

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