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5 Killer Features of the Westcott FJ400 You Should Know


Photographers shooting exclusively with available light will eventually face lighting conditions that may upset their work and wish for a supplement lighting device to save the day. Enter the Wescott FJ400 Portable Light.

For some photo enthusiasts, Westcott may be a name not so familiar in this part of the world, Westcott is a natively American brand that has manufactured quality umbrellas since 1899 and evolved its business over the year to enter the realm of high-quality photographic equipment. In 2020, Westcott launched the FJ Wireless Flash System, starting with the FJ400 AC/DC strobe and powerful FJ-X2m Universal Wireless Trigger equipped with multi-brand technology that pairs with virtually any camera brand to trigger FJ Wireless flashes.

The FJ400 is the first portable 400Ws AC/DC strobe with under a second recycle speed at full power that offers an impressive 480+ full-power flashes per charge. The lightweight FJ400 offers unrivalled performance with the most accurate colour temperature throughout its entire 9-stop output range. These are the top 5 killer features of the Westcott FJ400

#1 TTL, High-Speed Sync, Freeze Sync

With an intuitive menu system and LCD colour display, the FJ400 features Manual and TTL Flash Modes, High-Speed Sync (HSS) up to 1/8000s, Freeze Sync up to 1/19000s, Continuous Capture up to 20 fps, Mask Function, Delay Function, Automatic Memory Recall, Rear Curtain Sync, Canon RT flash compatibility, group and channel assignment, Group Exposure Compensation, and much more. This strobe is firmware upgradeable via the included USB-C cable.


#2 Say Goodbye to Brand-Specific Triggers

The powerful FJ-X3 M Universal Wireless Trigger is equipped with multi-brand technology that pairs with most camera brands to trigger the FJ Wireless and Canon RT devices. This wireless remote offers revolutionary compatibility with many Canon, Nikon, Sony (with adapter), Fuji, Panasonic Lumix, and Olympus cameras. For studios with multi-camera systems, this is definitely a super plus selling point. Buy one, and use it all in the camera family.

#3 Unrivaled Battery Performance

The removable lithium polymer battery provides both DC power for on-location freedom and AC trickle-charge performance when the state of charge is above 25%. With under a second recycle speed at full power that offers an impressive 480+ full-power flashes per charge will let you finish your assignments easily without the worry of the battery juice running out.

Sal_Cincotta -BTS-FJ400-RapidBox Switch

#4 Consistent Colour Temperature

The FJ400 maintains a colour temperature stability of 5500K (±150K) throughout its entire 9-stop output range, with either 0.1 or 1.0 stops flash increments. It features a 20W 5600K LED modelling lamp with auto-adjust and independent output control. With this, you can entrust the FJ400 to produce quality results without spending too much time on your post-editing.

FJ400-Michele-Celentano BTS

#5 Optimised for Light Modifiers

The extended flash tube provides optimal light output allowing for a wider, even spread for filling light modifiers. Equipped with a Bowens S-Type mounting system, the FJ400 is easy to pair with your favourite softbox. The FJ400 includes a Magnetic 5” Reflector, a Magnetic CCT Gel Set (CTO, 1/2-CTO, Window Green, Diffusion, Gel Frame), and a Rapid Box Switch Bowens Insert that allows you to pair your strobe with any Rapid Box Switch light modifier. The built-in tilter bracket with a tension screw offers secure mounting and positioning of large umbrellas and modifiers. There are a large number of light modifiers available for your to expand your creative shooting.

Lindsay-Adler. BTS-RapidBox Switch-Optical Spot
Ashley-Boring BTS-FJ400-RapidBox Switch-Grid

Westcott FJ400 price starts from RM3,155. Get the best deal HERE.

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